2 Brothers, grandmothers old Car, a suitcase full of lowfi equipment, and a broken VHS camera. Trying to relive a failed family camping trip from the 90’s. “Vom Harz‘, an analog joyride on the crude back of pretense, rewriting history in an eclectic telltale of droning melancholy.

‘Vom Harz’ was written, composed & recorded in one week on various locations in the German Harz Mountains during the summer of 2016. Using only battery powered equipment recording straight to cassette.

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After getting home, the brothers found out that the VHS recordings were extremely damaged with strange colors, glitches and found footage from the previous owner. This provided the perfect visual material for making the music video’s for ‘Vom Harz’.

Recorded, Composed, Mixed, Performed and Graphic Design by Diether & Walther Eichler

Mastering by Killing Skills
(C) Rundfunk Records 2019

Gear list: Casio SA-5, Littlebits Synthkit (KORG), TASCAM MF-P01 4 Track Cassette Recorder, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-12 Rhythm, Volvo 440.