After various releases as solo artists as well as writing music for several theater shows The Eichler Brothers, combine their talents to present their debut album: Kill Gear.

Inspired by European and American cinematic music, ‘Kill Gear’ honors the many great composers and compositions that characterise a bygone era in the history of cinema. The Eichler Brothers have re-imagined the late 60’s and early 70’s sound, creating an astonishing motion picture soundtrack that generates imagery which goes beyond an exploitation classic.

‘Kill Gear’ is set in a time when desert wastelands have replaced the old world. Two sisters, living an isolated life, are hunted down by a notorious biker clan. After a fierce raid the sisters are confronted with the horrible truth about their past. They decide to back-track their attackers to settle an old score.

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Released May 14, 2018

Composed and Produced by: The Eichler Brothers

Engineering & Editing: Diether Eichler
Scoring: Walther Eichler
Mixing and Mastering: Killing Skills

Flute: Martine van der Grinten
Trumpet: Matej Guzelj
Female vocals: Kiki Luitwieler
Male vocals: Walther Eichler
Cello & Viola parts (on cello): Karola Seits
Bass: Paul Klarenbeek
Drums: Freek Koopmans
Acoustic guitar: Jozef Saleh
Electric guitar: Jowalt Madimin
Synthesizers: Diether Eichler
Keyboard instruments: Walther Eichler

Artwork: Deborah Kraaijeveld
Synopsis: Remco Boorsma & The Eichler Brothers
Graphic design: Diether Eichler
Special thanks to: Bianca Sallons and Mike Redman

Kill gear release 12 mei 19 Beeld01