Score for the theater play 'Vechtersbazen'

Orignal score for theater play, set in the old abandoned Phillips factory.

We are proud to present the debut album of The Eichler Brothers, Opaque. The album features a selection of tracks that were made for Dutch theater play #vechtersbazen by director Inge Wannet.

The play, set in the old abandoned Phillips factory, is about a group of young people who do not agree with how things are going in the world, and cant find ways to improve it. They therefore make the radical decision to retreat into the darkness.

Inspired by these themes, the industrial environment, repetitiveness, and the hint of light creeping through the darkness, The Eichler Brothers deliberately avoided the use of accoustic instruments and only used analog synthesizers. And thus created an filmy alternate world for the listener to disappear.

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© Rundfunk Records, Redrum Recordz 2016


A performance on location about light and dark. About people who wanted to shape the world in their dream and wandering idealists without an ideal.

Imagine: you find out that the values you used to believe in turn out to be false. What dreams do you build a new future on? Who is it actually to determine that future? With Strijp-S as a backdrop, you get to know the stragglers and the protagonists, with the difference between wanting and doing.

Directed by Inge Wannet


This project would not have bin possible without the involvement of many talented artists and friends. Special thanks to: Marco Kuiper


Composed And Produced By: Walther Eichler & Diether Eichler
Recorded And Mixed By: Diether Eichler
Mastering: Killing Skills


Graphic Design: Het IJzeren Gordijn