Kill Gear

Motion picture soundtrack

'Turn on you engines and shift into Kill Gear!'

Inspired by European and American cinematic music, ‘Kill Gear’ honors the many great composers and compositions that characterise a bygone era in the history of cinema. The Eichler Brothers have re-imagined the late 60’s and early 70’s sound, creating an astonishing motion picture soundtrack that generates imagery which goes beyond an exploitation classic.

‘Kill Gear’ is set in a time when desert wastelands have replaced the old world. Two sisters, living an isolated life, are hunted down by a notorious biker clan. After a fierce raid the sisters are confronted with the horrible truth about their past. They decide to back-track their attackers to settle an old score.

But Kill Gear is more then a soundtrack. There is pocket-book version of the full-story in the making. Cant wait? Read more below about the infamous ‘Kill Gear movie listing experience’.

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CATNO.: RFR005 - RED051

Movie listening experience

With the Kill Gear movie-listening-experience, we guide the audience through the Kill Gear album and its story by using audio, text and visuals. Every audio-track starts with a written synopsis of the corresponding chapter/scene of the movie. It’s accompanied by soothing/subtle visuals to spark the audiences own imagination.

While in normal cinematic experiences, the music is there to enhance the visual image. However with the Kill Gear movie-listening-experience the visuals are there to enhance the music.

Read a preview of the opening sequence:

In the distant future mankind has been nuked back to survival. What once was a lush planet has become a desert wasteland where fierce biker clans battle over the lawless ruins of the old world.

01 Epilogue
A man named Evo lives peacefully in solitude with his two young daughters. But unfortunately everything is transitory. Including the false pretext of safety. They have been found by a biker-clan on a random scavenger hunt.

By surprise Evo gets confronted by a loaded gun, while other bikers track down the escaping children, one clan member has a change of heart. Unknowingly to the others he decides to take the girls and sneak away from the group.

The last thing he hears is a gun going off in the distance.

02 Scavengers of the Wastelands
Sixteen years later. Francesca and Elisa, two charming sisters, are riding their bikes under the scorching sun into an abandoned ruined town. They turn off their bikes. The coast seems clear as they split up to get supplies.

Francesca is the first one to return and loads up her bike. Patiently she looks around waiting for Elisa to return. So far nothing...

Suddenly Elisa appears out of nowhere being chased by pack of wild dogs. Francesca reacts by firing up her engine to create a big cloud of sand which slow down the dogs. Elisa runs through the cloud jumping on her bike. She smiles at Francesca showing her a new air-filter, while both ride out of town.


This project would not have bin possible without the involvement of many talented artists and friends.


Composed and Produced by: The Eichler Brothers
Engineering & Editing: Diether Eichler
Scoring: Walther Eichler
Mixing and Mastering: Killing Skills


Artwork: Deborah Kraaijeveld
Synopsis: Remco Boorsma & The Eichler Brothers
Graphic design: Diether Eichler
Special thanks to: Bianca Sallons and Mike Redman


Flute: Martine van der Grinten
Trumpet: Matej Guzelj
Female vocals: Kiki Luitwieler
Male vocals: Walther Eichler
Cello & Viola parts (on cello): Karola Seits
Bass: Paul Klarenbeek
Drums: Freek Koopmans
Acoustic guitar: Jozef Saleh
Electric guitar: Jowalt Madimin
Synthesizers: Diether Eichler
Keyboard instruments: Walther Eichler