Kill Gear - Dodelijke Versnelling

The Novel to the Kill Gear Soundtrack

“I don't like Mad Max or other films of that kind, but this story surpasses any genre cliché.”

We proudly present the full story of Kill Gear in a sturdy Paperback version.

Together with acclaimed dutch writer Peter Smink we brought the full story to life. What started as a soundtrack with a small synopsis has become a 220 page action packed novel. The packer back also contains illustrations of Joseph Saleh at the start of every chapter. Printed on recyled paper, with a classic serif type face Kill Gear – The novel pays homage to the Pulp novels of the 50’s and 60’s.

The Novel will be available in Dutch (entitled ‘Dodelijke Versnelling’) and in English (Kill Gear) as limited edition paperback en EPub.

The Plot

The sun shines in the zenith and reigns as a foraging eagle across the endless sand sea...

Twins Elisa and Francesca are sick of their mentor Joseph's vagueness. Why is he hesitant to disclose their origins? It's no fairy tale that he has to offer the girls: the cruel fate that befell their families in their early childhood, the raid by a rival tribe, the violent struggle between their parents and the decisive intervention of a powerful rising clan, the Selvaggios.

After a deceptively calm prelude, Deadly Acceleration gears up a gear after a few chapters to accelerate through an infernal series of events to a heart-pounding finale in this bittersweet post-apocalyptic world.

Kill Gear saw life as disc vinyl in 2018: 'The Original Soundtrack of the Motion Picture, composed and produced by The Eichler Brothers', the cover states. If you are curious about the underlying film, you can search for a long time because it is non-existent: the music on the LP stands alone and as such pays tribute to legendary film composers from the 60s and 70s such as Ennio Morricone, Stanley Myers, John Barry and Lalo Schifrin.

The album does not fall out of thin air, however: the credits mention a synopsis, produced by Remco Boorsma and the same Eichler Brothers. If you are curious about what it entails, you can again turn to the cover text. It is said that the imaginary film Kill Gear is set in a time when civilization has died and the world is prey to encroaching deserts. In these appalling circumstances, two sisters are attacked by a motorcycle gang. The girls are spared little. For example, there is a seething robbery and a shocking revelation about their past. To settle an old open account, they plan a counterattack. They go to war with vengeance.

The titles of the tracks on side 2 of the LP illustrate how the girls fared on their quest: “Stranded at Night”, “Hunted Down”, “Wounded and Lost”. During the release of the record (Rotterdam 2018), music and titles captured the imagination enough to make the crowd that had gathered there eagerly. They showed such concern for the fate of the sisters, and it was decided to repeat the presentation, but now supplemented and supported by the synopsis written out as a complete novel.

With the signing of the writer Peter Smink, the 'rebooking' of Kill Gear was a matter of time: in a year and a half, Kill Gear transformed into Deadly Acceleration (roaring engines and poisonous mother love). Support from the Droom en Daad Foundation not only enabled the makers to recruit an illustrator (Joseph Saleh), but also to publish the novel in the form of a (this) sturdy paperback.

Book Presentation

Reading several passages from the book and then listening to parts of the soundtrack and a exclusive expo with Joe Salehs artwork, will give you the best possible glimps into the world of Kill Gear.


This project would not have bin possible without the involvement of many talented artists and friends.

Author: Peter Smink
Editors: Remco Boorsma, Walther Eichler & Diether Eichler
Illustrations: Jozef Saleh
Cover: Deborah Kraaijeveld
Graphic Design: Ondergrond.Agency

First Edition
Copyright © 2021 The Eichler Brothers
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